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Show me the Riviera

Dear VISITOR, Choose one of our local guides – they all live in our region. Let them show you the Montreux Riviera and enjoy an absolutely extraordinary day out together.

During this day, take a lot of pictures and / or videos and share them on social networks with the official hashtag #bemyguidech !


speaks FR, EN

Cycling tour

Boat tour

Hiking (vineyards, mountain)


speaks FR, EN

Walk to the Dent de Jaman

Walk on the lakeshore, talking about Montreux and music

A day in Vevey's museums: Chaplin's World, nest, Alimentarium


speaks FR, EN, DE, IT

Visit of Lavaux, cellars, moutain and typical secret spots

Golf initiation

Gastronomy, terroir


speaks FR, EN, IT, RO

Walk along the lake

Cycle ride

Picnic with panoramic view

Ana Cristina

speaks FR, EN, DE, IT, ESP, PT

Lake Geneva activities

Hike to the Rochers-de-Naye

Wine train


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Randonnée Glion - Jaman - Rochers-de-Naye

Randonnée Gorges du Chauderon et village des Planches

Roller au bord du lac


speaks FR, EN, INDO

Hike Haut-de-Caux - Rochers-de-Naye

Visit the Jardin Instinctif and the Grangettes

Hike Villeneuve - Sonchaux


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Meet at the Casino

Discuss the history of music and the statues in Montreux

Stroll to the Casino, discussing Montreux Jazz and my Experiences in the region since 2005


speaks FR, EN, IT

Visit of Chaplin's World

Eating an ice cream along the lake

Visit to Gruyère and its castle


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Hike in the Gorge du Chauderon

Walk from St. Vincent Church in Montreux to Chillon Castle

Hike and lunch in the Lavaux vineyards


speaks FR, EN, DE, RU

Walk along the lake

Visit the old town of Montreux

Picnic with panoramic view


speaks FR, EN, IT

Walk along the lake

Lake Geneva activities

Hike to the Rochers-de-Naye


If you want to become a guide or a guest, and to experience Be My Guide, download the rules in PDF Format about the use of the meeting platform “Be My Guide”.

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All entrants must agree that they have read all the rules before entering as either a guide or a guest.